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Free Tarot » Past, Present, Future Tarot Reading (3 Way Spread)

Past, Present, Future Tarot Card Reading

Pick three cards and think about your question:​


Past, Present, Future card positions represent:

  • How you currently feel about yourself
  • What you currently desire the most
  • Your worries
  • How are things going for you
  • What is going against you
  • The result in account of your existing circumstances or the question you asked

Don’t let the briefness and simplicity of the answers or the fact that it is a Major Arcana-only reading mislead you; this reading has stood the test of time and repeatedly demonstrated its accuracy to millions of users.

Past, Present, Future Tarot Card Reading

For millennia, tarot card readings have been utilized to obtain insight into the past, present, and future. These readings make use of a deck of tarot cards, each with its significance and symbolism.

It is crucial to remember that tarot readings should be undertaken with an open mind and a readiness to study the options given by the cards. Even while they might provide insightful insights, tarot readings are not a substitute for counseling or professional assistance.

Whether you are looking for guidance on the past, present, or future, a tarot card reading can be a valuable tool for gaining insight and understanding.

1. The Past

The past provides the basis upon which the present and future are created in a tarot reading. Events and experiences have shaped us and brought us to where we are now. The past can also reveal patterns and habits that influence our present and future.

In a tarot reading, the cards that reflect the past are usually selected from the Major Arcana, which is a group of 22 cards that represent the major themes and archetypes of the tarot. The Fool, which represents new beginnings and the opportunity for change; The Tower, which indicates upheaval and the desire for transformation; and The World, which represents completeness and the conclusion of a cycle are some of the cards that may be chosen to represent the past.

2. The Present

The present moment is where we are right now. It is the present that determines our future direction, and it is the present that gives us the power to make choices and take action.

The present position represents the current situation or energy that is influencing the question or issue at hand. It can provide insight into the individual getting the reading’s feelings, ideas, and behaviors, as well as the obstacles and possibilities they may be experiencing.

The card that appears in this position can provide direction and advice for managing the present moment as well as a glance into what the future may bring. It’s crucial to note that tarot readings aren’t meant to predict the future with certainty, but rather to provide guidance and insight based on the energies and influences present at the time of the reading.

2. The Future

The unknown is the future, and it is what we are aiming towards. The cards that follow the present in the layout reflect the future in a tarot reading. These cards can provide insight into the possible repercussions of our current activities as well as the path our lives may take.

In a tarot reading, the cards that represent the future are often selected from the Major Arcana, and they can provide insight into the themes and energies that may be at work in the future. The Lovers, which indicates harmony and balance; The Sun, which represents success and joy; and The World, which represents completion and the conclusion of a cycle are some of the cards that may be chosen to represent the future.

Interpret Your Reading

The most significant questions you have about love, relationships, your career, finances, and other topics can be answered by a tarot reading, a potent form of divination that makes use of an ancient deck of cards.

Tarot cards have been used by psychics and fortune tellers for many years, and Free Tarot will provide you with an accurate reading that is personalized based on the cards you select and the order you select them.

You will gain a distinctive and in-depth understanding of your current situation because each card has a different meaning depending on where it is placed.

To have a better understanding, I recommend that you check these Tips to improve your readings – then scroll up and select your cards.

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