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Hi, our mission is to make Tarot accessible to everyone through online readings free of charge, and bring it into the mainstream.

We are here to help you trust your intuition, access your inner strength, and bring the divine into your everyday life by using Tarot as a guide.

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Learn The Tarot Basics

Learn what Tarot is, how it works, and how to expand your knowledge.
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Free Online Daily Reading

Start your day with a Major Arcana Card reading totally free.
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Free 3 Way Reading

Past, Present and Future reading. Accurate, trusted, tested.

Tarot Readings Free Your Mind!

A Tarot Card Reading can help guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts by reflecting on your past, present, and possible future and providing you with a new perspective on your life.

For many, the most distressing times are when we are unsure of how we feel or what decisions or choices we should make, and it can help to receive some guidance – whether that is consulting our love tarot or a good all-around Celtic Cross.

When you have clarity of mind, you feel more relaxed and can make more informed decisions and choices. Consulting the cards may assist you in connecting with your intuition, which is your best guide when it comes to making difficult choices and decisions.

You may not always have the opportunity to physically sit down with someone skilled in the art of card reading, nor may you be able to afford regular readings, so here we aim to provide you with some guidance as well as easy and convenient access to information. This should give you some pleasure, as well as some insights and hope for the future.

Reading Tips

  • Tarot reading is a practice that involves using a deck of cards to gain insight and guidance on various aspects of life.
  • To improve your reading skills, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the deck and its symbolism, practice regularly, learn the traditional meanings of the cards, develop your style and approach, and work with a variety of spreads.
  • Trust your intuition, pay attention to your reactions and interpretations of the cards, and continue to educate yourself and seek out new resources.
  • With practice and dedication, you can become a confident and proficient reader.
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Mystic Moon

Professional Tarot Reader & Expert

Headmistress & Author

Hi, I’m Mystic Moon! I’m a highly acclaimed tarot reader and spiritual advisor with over 15 years of experience in the field. My unique combination of intuition and knowledge of tarot has made me one of the most sought-after readers in the community.

With a warm and compassionate approach, I want to help anyone who wants to navigate the complexities of their situation and want to find their path to inner peace and happiness.

Whether you’re looking for guidance on a specific issue or seeking a deeper understanding of your life’s journey, I am here to help.

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