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The Magician

Tarot Card Meanings

Remember that you are powerful, create your inner world, and the outer will follow.
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The Magician Tarot Card Description

The Magician card has the number One, which represents opportunities and new beginnings, and it is linked to the planet Mercury. He is standing with one arm extended upward toward the cosmos and the other pointing downward toward the surface of the planet. His position serves as a symbol of his connection to both the spiritual and physical worlds. The Magician makes use of this connection to create and accomplish his objectives in the physical world. He is the channel through which matter is created from energy. The Magician’s robe is white, signifying purity, and his cloak is red, signifying wisdom gained from travel and experience.

The four Tarot suit symbols, a cup, pentacle, sword, and wand, each representing one of the four elements (water, earth, air, and fire), are displayed on the table in front of him. It also suggests that he has all the resources (and ingredients) at his disposal to bring his intentions to fruition. The infinity symbol above his head and the snake biting its tail around his waist both indicate that he has limitless potential. A variety of foliage and flowers can be seen in the foreground, which represents how his ideas and aspirations will blossom and come to fruition.

NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

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The Magician Keywords

 Upright Keywords:
  • Manifestation
  • Resourcefulness
  • Power
  • Inspired action
Reversed Keywords:
  • Manipulation
  • Poor Planning
  • Untapped talents

Upright Magician Meaning

The Magician, a master manifester, provides you with the resources, energy, and tools you require to realize your dreams. Seriously, you have access to everything you require right now. You have the resources to make your desires come true in the spiritual (fire), physical (earth), mental (air), and emotional (water) realms. You will develop into a manifestation powerhouse when you combine them with the power of the spiritual and physical realms. The secret is to combine these tools in a way that has a greater impact than the sum of their individual effects. This is the pinnacle of alchemy!

You should immediately start working on a recent thought you had. You are being prompted to take action and realize your intention now that the seed of potential has sprouted. You have arrived at this point in your life thanks to the abilities, skills, and knowledge you have acquired along the way, and whether you realize it or not, you are prepared to put your ideas into action.

You must have a distinct vision of what you will create (and why) to manifest your goals. Being driven by ego (money, status, or fame) is insufficient; you also need to have a soul connection to your intentions and goals. You have the chance to align your Higher Self with your daily actions to create the future you desire most because you are a strong, creative being.

The Magician encourages you to take inspired action once you are certain of your “what” and “why.” To achieve your goals, you must pay close attention and concentrate intently. Pay attention to the ONE thing that will help you achieve your goal. Drop any side interests that might cause your attention to wander from your goal; commitment to the task is crucial. To ensure that you stay on task and complete your tasks, be methodical in your planning.

Reversed Magician Meaning

The Magician Tarot Card - Free Tarot Online - Best Quality

On one level, The Magician Reversed suggests that while you are contemplating your desired manifestation, you have not yet taken any concrete action. You may be unsure of how to make it happen and unsure of whether you have everything you need. The Universe will figure out how to bring about whatever you take care of. Keep your intuition sharp and keep an eye out for opportunities as they present themselves. These will lead you closer to your objective like tiny breadcrumbs.

The Magician Reversed may indicate that you are having trouble recognizing advancement or success if you are already making efforts toward your goal. There could be several factors at work. Maybe you have an idea, but you’re not sure how to put it into practice. Your efforts may be misdirected or unfocused because you are unclear about the results you want to achieve. You may have forgotten your “why” or it may not have been strong enough to keep you motivated to finish the task. Or perhaps the universe is telling you to turn around because your end goal isn’t in line with your true happiness.

The Magician Reversed represents greed, deceit, and manipulation at their worst. Even if you are an expert at manifesting, you might only do it for yourself and at the expense of others if you are disconnected from your Higher Self. You might unintentionally fall into this trap from time to time. Ask yourself if you are working for the highest good or just for your benefit if your goals seem to be failing to materialize or if something seems “off.”

The Magician Reversed indicates in a career reading that while you have a wide range of abilities, talents, and skills, your true potential is not being realized. You might come to understand that you have a lot more to offer. Or maybe you are great at something, but you haven’t given yourself the chance to develop and practice it. What prevents you from making use of these skills? What must change for you to succeed to the fullest extent?

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